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What I Love About the Winter

Watching as a dark room comes alive, as one by one candles are lit.  The flicker of flames lighting up a room.  Seeing the glow and getting lost in the brightness of the flame.


Cold days; feeling the wintry freshness on my face makes me feel invigorated, clean and fresh.


Large glasses of red wine.  Feeling intoxicated by the aromas of Claret and Burgundy.

Brisk walks in the park, wrapped up under layers of warm clothing, scarf wrapped around my neck


The excitement of it getting dark early; watching as the sun starts to set, the shadowy branches of bare trees against the sky, as its now only minutes before the sun disappears and darkness descends.


The delight as daylight disappears and house lights begin coming on; seeing the bright lights of shops lighting up the dark streets.

Cosy evenings relaxing on the settee with Brandy mesmerised by the Balloon Glass of Brandy swirling around in my hand.

Log fires – feeling the warm glow around me as I watch the hypnotic orange blaze, hearing the crackling of the burning wood.  Lots of dreams and lots of memories.


What do you like?


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