Bleeding London – New Change Passage


It took a while to find New Change Passage – there were no visible road signs and no signs with the City of London crest.

Eventually, having not found the location, and being led off in a variety of directions, I was advised to head back to New Change, towards the passageway of shops and restaurants, and look out for the landmark of Barbecoa,  Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.

I found the restaurant and passageway no problem.  I had already been here prior, but I still couldn’t see the street sign.  Then quite by chance I looked down and there in the corner of each restaurant and shop was a grey block saying –

“20 New Change Passage

One New Change”

I knew that I was in the right place, and in any event I was outside Barbecoa (number 20)!  It wasn’t quite what I was looking for so I went inside Barbecoa and took a business card in the hope that I could lay it down on the ground and photograph that, looking up or down New Change Passage.

Having taken a variety of images, and as Barbecoa had featured as the main focal point in locating New Change Passage, that then inspired me to put together a collage of images.


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