The Bleeding London Project – My Story Part 2

As an aside it is interesting to note that there are no actual “roads” in the City of London – they are all streets, walkways, passageways alleys/alleyways etc. I looked into this further and found the following on – “One of the greatest pieces of trivia you ever hear about the City of London […]

The Bleeding London Project – My Story Part 1

As The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) / Bleeding London said: “it is one of the most ambitious photo projects that the capital has ever seen.  Over the past year, hundreds of Londoners and visitors have been walking the 58,000 streets of London and photographing every single one.  The images will be used to create an […]

Bleeding London – New Change Passage

  It took a while to find New Change Passage – there were no visible road signs and no signs with the City of London crest. Eventually, having not found the location, and being led off in a variety of directions, I was advised to head back to New Change, towards the passageway of shops […]

Bleeding London

It might have been bright and sunny but it was sure as hell cold.  After being out for about six hours, and despite the layers, I could no longer feel my feet and my hands were ready to drop off!  It was a productive and rewarding trip though – another 72 streets ticked off.  We’re […]

Bleeding London Project

This trip for the RPS Bleeding London project was the first, and fortunately only one, that was briefly interrupted by the rain; but all was not lost.  As I took shelter, it turned out I was strategically placed to photograph Bartholomew Lane – one on the list to photograph today.   It didn’t rain for […]

RPS Bleeding London

On one of my recent trips for the RPS Bleeding London Project I photographed Pindar Street and had planned to also take Pindar Passage and Pindar Plaza.   I found Pindar Street easily and then tried, unsuccessfully, to locate Pindar Passage and Pindar Plaza, which aren’t in the A-Z.  I did find a reference to […]

Bleeding London

For the Square Mile, there is a hell of a lot of streets.   I must have walked the Square Mile several times over.   But, it’s been worth it!    

Bleeding London – Black Swan Alley

Another day in the City and I have been trying to locate Black Swan Alley.  Despite looking at Google Maps, the A-Z and help from the City of London police and the Guildhall, I have been unable to locate it.  I am beginning to think it no longer exists.   Not one to be beaten, […]